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Refinancing your existing loan may result in your total finance charges being higher over the life of your loan.

*Customers pre-approved with Pennymac prior to locking any purchase loan with Pennymac get 0.50% of the loan’s principal amount, applied as a discount off total closing costs and/or principal curtailment, subject to investor guidelines. Loans must be locked by 3/31/2022 to qualify for the offer. Excludes third-party or in-process loans.

For example, on a $300,000 home purchase loan one would receive a $1,500 discount (calculated at 0.50% of $300,000), applied to closing costs.

**For Conventional and FHA purchase loans Pennymac’s $1,100 origination fee is waived, and on VA purchase loans, the original fee is reduced by $1,100. Loans must be locked by 3/31/2022 to qualify for the offer. Excludes in-process and third-party loans.

All offers mentioned on this page are for home purchase loans only and do not apply to refinance loans.